follow me into the dark.
i am allyson. i blow my candles out on july 8th. i am currently 21 years of age. i reside in the swamp, florida (go gators). i love my life so much, sometimes i hate it. i have only been in love with one person. i am open-minded like the sky, yet i am very opinionated like the sea. i want to change peoples' lives. i enjoy music, photography-- canon rebel T1i, food, nature, and my dog. i am considered by most, a stubborn individual, but i take that as a compliment. i guess that adds to my hard-headedness. i am an emotional person, but not publicly (excluding my blog). even though i know it is bad to bottle feelings in, i am guilty of it. i can let things flow on my blog though... my thoughts and feelings are demonstrated here. i hope you follow me into the dark, and enjoy it. if i like your blog enough, i will follow back.
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